Phema Agri

Founder: Daniella Kwayu

Quick introduction

Phema Agri - Q and A


  • CEO: Daniella Kwayu
  • COO: Donald Kwayu

Target Market

High net worth individuals and institutions interested in investing in the agriculture sector.

Sales / Marketing strategy

Direct targeted approach as well as a referral approach.

Business model

Phema Agri adopts a profit-sharing model and/or commission-based model. We split post-harvest revenue among farm sponsors (investors), farmers and ourselves. We use blended finance to structure different financing instruments for the benefit of farmers.


Farmforte, Farmcrowdy, ThriveAgric

Competitive Advantage

We use a more digital approach to structure farmers into de-risked and controlled agriculture value chain for the purpose of facilitating financing from our targeted investors

Target Market Entry

High net worth individuals looking to grow their funds in the agriculture sector.