Digital Diamond

Founder: Mthabisi Bokete

Digital Diamond - Q and A

Business Summary

Digital Diamond Identity


CEO: Mthabisi Bokete

Product / Services

  • Telecommunication Clients
  • Insurance Clients
  • Bank Clients
  • Immigration Clients
  • Public accessing Financial services

Sales / Marketing strategy

  • Using both IOS's App Store & Google's Play Store, Distribution is both free & Global.
  • Radio advertising (Awareness) & Social media advertising will increase sign-ups and downloads through video, and user case stories.
  • Mobile Digital Truck Advertising, showing explainer videos and providing free WiFi to the public to understand and download the application.

Business model

Tokenised accumulative free digital identification & KYC system that works offline & online by generating a short Alpha Numeric ID. General information to allow for a consent driven Auto filling of financial firms across the board.

Competitive Advantage

  • Remotely Accessed user information to automatically and seamlessly pull any relevant information from the Digital Diamond Servers to fill the respective user's forms/application/signing sheets and KYC Documents. As well as to be able to make payments via cashless & cardless transactions.
  • Inclusive - Designed with the unregistered and non-KYCd in Mind.
  • Instant - Tokenises Formal and Informal user data as they engage with different intuitions building a more accurate ID.
  • Disabilities & Convenience - DD ID makes filling forms instant as it pulls data for the bank and auto-populates permissions granted fields, catering for illiterate or handicap individuals as well.
  • Rolling KYC and ID - Constantly updating users KYC information never leaving it stale or sessional.
  • Risk Reduction - No losses of an individual's information from physical theft; acts of nature such as fire, floods, etc; Secure database with centralised information.
  • Payments & Budgeting- Integrated to some POC, DD ID acts as a Wallet for Mobile and Personal Banking Wallets. allowing users to access all accounts through their ID and make instant payments with A.I backed Budgeting, comparison and Alternative Credit Scoring.

Target Market Entry

  • Bankable Market, Financial Transactions Market, Services Request Market - Mobile Money Solutions (Myzaka, OrangeMoney)
  • Telecommunication Companies (Orange, Mascom, BTC)
  • Financial Institutions such as banks, investor centres, insurance companies, investment banks, credit unions, loans associations
  • Real estate
  • Digital Markets and cross-continent delivery companies
  • Private Sector Companies
  • Government Bodies, such as Immigration, Transport,etc